Back in May I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a very special couple, Debs and Craig, at the Norfolk Mead Hotel  in Coltishall.

Having previously done an engagement shoot for them at Felbrigg Hall, I knew perfectly well what a handful they would be on their wedding day! ;0) 

Of course I jest, Debs and Craig are the most wonderful of couples and I had such a blast pestering them with my camera on their big day. 

As a general rule, with lovely couples come lovely families too and the massed crazy hoards from both sides were no exception, spreading love, happiness and the occasional spilt wine with gay abandon.

They really were a fab bunch and helped make the the day a truly special one for the happy couple. Many happy memories made, a few of which I've shared here.

If you'd like to see more I've included a link here

Fab tea pot cake by: Cute Little Cupcakes