I've just updated my website again with some of the work I've been producing over the last few months. I have put them all in the Latest Work page on my site and after another few months most of them will be removed, with the lucky ones ousting previous work from different categories thus staying published for as long as I feel they are good enough.

All of the images and some others can also be found on my Flickr feed

If you already follow me on Flickr feel free to close your browser now, as you will have seen most of these images before!

I don't profess to create the best images in the world, or even in my local patch. Actually, definitely not in my local patch! There are some amazing photographers in east Anglia. Check out Justin Minns, Matthew Dartford and Lee Acaster to name but a few.  Hopefully if you are kind enough to view my work, you'll consider it worth publishing :0)

Thank you for reading and viewing

Martin Tosh