I recently discovered, through following http://www.theforumnorwich.co.uk where some of my work is displayed in Café Bar Marzanos, that Norfolk's Cancer Charity: Big C http://www.big-c.co.uk were holding an event there.

This being a cause close to my heart I decided to try and help in some small way by offering to donate one of the photographs I have on display there for a future event. As I'm not a big name in the photography world I wasn't sure if they would be interested but thought what harm can it do to offer.

I made contact with them through Twitter and was delighted when they responded by saying they would very much appreciate such a donation.

"Ready" Fishing boats on the shingle shore at Aldeburgh

So in the end I've donated a framed A3 photograph, titled 'Ready' which is one I'm very fond of, as I made it on a much valued workshop I took with Justin Minns, a highly regarded landscape photographer from Suffolk justinminns.co.uk

I really hope my donation can help in some small way when it's auctioned on Monday 11th July at a charity event http://www.big-c.co.uk/Events/barnard-charity-golf-day.aspx held by Bawburgh Golf Club, in Norfolk-  http://www.bawburgh.com

Please help if you can :0)