Just a short one for my first blog post. Our friends Paula and Neil have a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Jessie who was born just before Christmas but is already getting a big boistrous handful!

I was really pleased when they asked me if I would go round and take some photos of her last weekend as I love doing dog photography, it's a blast and always a challenge especially with such an animated pup as Jessie. It would also be extra challenging on this occasion as this was an evening shoot indoors, so very lacking on the light front. On the positive side though, this gave me an opportunity to do a bit of off camera flash practice, so, armed with one 24" softbox and a Yongnuo 560iv speedlight with a wireless controller I set about getting the best images I could for them.

I concentrated on fairly close in images in an effort to minimise the backrounds, trying to de clutter the shots used a fairly wide open aperture to help with this too. I was also conscious of Jessie being the star of the show so wanted her to stand out in the images and tried to balance the light to this effect by moving the light backwards and forwards on it's stand and feathering it as required so as not to light up the background too much