I recently had the pleasure of spending quality camera time with two beautiful fur babies at their home in Hingham, where they are waited upon paw and...paw by the most lovely couple, Lane and Rob. Bucky is a handsome peachy ginger boy, who just can’t get enough chin rubs and Smudge is the most beautiful calico girl, who is a little more shy and likes to keep a wary eye on proceedings!

As usual, I arranged a Furtography consultation meeting before the actual session so I could spend a little time with my furry models, letting them get used to me pointing my camera at them...relentlessly! That way we were already good pals, come the day of the session. 

At the same time, I had a good chat with Lane and Rob about what style of wall art would best suit their home. We discussed where they would like to display it, so I could design suitable wall galleries to present to them at the ordering meeting. They very much appreciated the fact that I could show them possible options to scale on images of their own walls. It makes a big difference being able to see exactly how the the end result will look.

On the day of the Furtography session, Bucky and Smudge were a joy to work with, playing it super cool. They were extremely relaxed about it all as I followed them around on my hands and knees, getting carpet burns on my elbows! I find it’s always best to work somewhere my models feel safe and as Bucky and Smudge are indoor cats, a relaxed home environment session was definitely the best way to go.

A few hours of relaxed shooting and I had plenty of great images to work with, so after a couple of furry kisses we said goodbye and I headed home to begin the editing and gallery designing process over the next couple of weeks before arranging a time for the image reveal and ordering meeting.

I know so many people who have gone to the effort of getting beautiful photos of their loved ones, only to have them still stuck years later, out of daily view on the hard drive of their computer. I also know some of those people have lost their precious photos because said hard drive has failed before they got round to getting anything printed up! It’s such a shame. I completely understand why it happens though, we all have busy lives and there’s always something more important to do, I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past!

This is why I’m passionate about providing a full end to end service, initial consultation through to final installation of a beautiful gallery that can be enjoyed daily for years to come.

I always want to make sure that 100% of my effort goes into creating beautiful products that my clients can view and enjoy every day, for people who truly understand the value of printed work. Lane and Rob are just such a discerning couple and they very much wanted to be able to enjoy the stunning images of their beautiful fur babies every day.

On the day of ordering meetings, it’s always such a joy to finally reveal the images to my clients, showing them on a large screen in slideshow format.  Lane and Rob were thrilled with the presentation, so we got to work going through the images and selecting their favourites.  I helped guide them through this process, using my gallery software so we could compare different gallery/ image combinations, before settling on a final design.

They chose six gloss finish aluminium prints that really pop off the wall. Bucky and Smudge look gorgeous on this super high quality product; they deserve the best!

I then had an agonising wait before I could install their gallery for them, as Lane and Rob enjoyed a holiday visiting family and friends in America.  Soon after they returned, bursting with excitement, I gathered my tools and straight away set about drilling holes in their living room wall!

I gently ejected Lane and Rob from the room whilst I got to work, so they would get the full impact of the stunning Bucky and Smudge gallery, in pride of place, when they came back in. It made my heart swell to see their happy faces when they did. My work here was done :0)