I recently had the privilege to do a Furtography Session with a most beautiful young black Labrador named Elsa. Elsa and her mummy Clare had received a Furtography voucher from Clare’s sister Katie, last Christmas but Elsa was quite young at that point so Clare decided to wait until she was a little better trained before redeeming her voucher and we arranged to do the session later in the year.

Earlham park was the venue chosen and early early morning was the time, pitch black when we arrived! Elsa and Clare were a joy to work with though, never once complaining at my seemingly endless ‘just one more’ orders.

We started with some portrait style shots near the trees with Elsa’s glossy black coat looking particularly splendid, followed by a few action shots in the grass as the light levels increased, necessitating me doing my best snake impression to get some low angle shots.

After this we unleashed the bacon bubbles from Elsa’s Furtography goody bag, much to her enjoyment! Then we moved to the river, saving this for last so Elsa wouldn’t be wet and cold for the whole shoot...not to mention having a bad fur day after all that swimming. Nothing for it at this point but for me to get my feet wet too in order to get the best shots possible! 

After the shoot, once I’d processed the images I went to visit Elsa and Clare at their home and used my software to present the images as they would look hung on the wall, to scale. I was really pleased that Clare liked them enough to order six canvasses, four of which to be hung as a display in her kitchen.


As part of my service I always like to deliver the final wall art pieces in person and hang them in place myself, I love seeing how happy the client is to finally see the beautiful images of their beloved fur babies up on the wall and it gives me a real sense of satisfaction and completion to finish the job off like this.